BMC2Battle Management Command and Control (USAF)
BMC2Battle Management Command and Control
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So, by enhancing the resiliency of our own constellation, improving our space BMC2, operating as a space coalition, and investing the resources necessary to capitalize on and strengthen our own space-based capabilities and capacities as well as those of the commercial space, and training and thinking about fighting, we're absolutely confident we're going to be able to survive any type of concerted attack, and continue to provide the space-based support that our war-fighters need.
Although most Air Force practitioners of BMC2 naturally gravitate to air assets as the primary C2 weapons system, the "right platform" does not necessarily have to be airborne.
Specifying the capabilities and effects of these tactical BMC2 fusion centers would add a level of clarity that does not currently exist in TAC(A) source documents.
Subordinate units, operations centers, or BMC2 platforms would be delegated or assume additional control activities dependent upon their individual capacity to control and when specified triggering events have occurred.
Every foreign-based or expeditionary unit, operations center, or BMC2 platform should have established distributed control TTPs and routinely practice them.
There you have it: an E-10 series, each of which would share a common integration and BMC2 suite--the MC2A.
The current MC2A acquisition strategy calls for an open competition for the BMC2 portion of the program.
During the next five years, the services will spend at least $36 billion in various BMC2 systems, and that (loes not include the cost of maintaining the current technologies, he noted.
Tender notice number : RBKMUL/PUR/E-TENDER/2174/16-17/HSPT BMC2