BMCLBangkok Metro Public Company Limited (Thailand)
BMCLBarclay Mowlem Construction Limited (Australia)
BMCLBukit Merah Community Library (Singapore)
BMCLBuana Mas Citra Lestari (Indonesian shipping company)
BMCLBradbell Management Corporation Limited (St Catharines, ON, Canada)
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The two companies, with JR East, will establish a maintenance service company in Bangkok to provide BMCL with support and services.
Ademas se ha publicado diversos suplementos en BMCL.
entre otros: <<An Earlier Recension of Hostiensis's Lectura on the Decretals>>, en BMCL, 17 (1987), pp.
EPA guidelines indicate that it is acceptable to remove the highest concentration in order to improve the model fit at the lower concentrations where the BMCL will be determined (U.
EPA's Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) risk assessment benzene BMCL of 7.
While it seems premature to make a general recommendation regarding sample sizes for DO-based toxicology studies, 75 animals per group is adequate to obtain reproducible estimates of BMC and BMCL.
The REPs calculated using P coefficient, BMC, and BMCL data correlated strongly between themselves (all r-values were > 0.
TCDD], BMCL, and BMC) for 1,2,3,4,6,7,8-HpCDD, the [[beta].
First, for most congeners evaluated, we obtained six REP values, which were derived from the BMC, BMCL, and regression coefficient (P) approach for two end points, thyroid volume and serum [FT.
Using the BMDL or BMCL as the point of departure in the risk assessment of noncarcinogenic compounds rather than the BMD or BMC central estimate is generally characterized as a conservative assumption (in the health-protective sense).
HEC] (c) 1999b) BMC/ Chemical BMCL UF RfC Quantal end point Antimony trioxide (b) 1.