BMCLBangkok Metro Public Company Limited (Thailand)
BMCLBarclay Mowlem Construction Limited (Australia)
BMCLBukit Merah Community Library (Singapore)
BMCLBuana Mas Citra Lestari (Indonesian shipping company)
BMCLBradbell Management Corporation Limited (St Catharines, ON, Canada)
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The two companies, with JR East, will establish a maintenance service company in Bangkok to provide BMCL with support and services.
entre otros: <<An Earlier Recension of Hostiensis's Lectura on the Decretals>>, en BMCL, 17 (1987), pp.
The exponential model (Model 4 in BMDS) provided the best fit to the data (goodness of fit, p > 0.1) and was used to calculate the BMC and BMCL. The exponential continuous data model was
We calculated the BMCL for the B6C3F1 mice using the same methods as for DO mice.
This approach involves fitting a model to the exposure-response data, selecting a biologically relevant toxicity response (i.e., BMR), matching this response to an exposure concentration (i.e., BMC) and estimating the lower bound on the CI (i.e., BMCL) as described in "Methods and Methods."
The REPs calculated using P coefficient, BMC, and BMCL data correlated strongly between themselves (all r-values were > 0.903, p < 0.0001).
Of the three REP values ([[beta].sub.i]/[[beta].sub.TCDD], BMCL, and BMC) for 1,2,3,4,6,7,8-HpCDD, the [[beta].sub.i]/[[beta].sub.TCDD] ratio (0.029) is smaller than the published maximum estimate (0.035) (Haws et al.
First, for most congeners evaluated, we obtained six REP values, which were derived from the BMC, BMCL, and regression coefficient (P) approach for two end points, thyroid volume and serum [FT.sub.4] concentration.
Thus, using the central estimate of the BMD or BMC (maximum likelihood estimate) instead of the lower statistical confidence limit (BMDL or BMCL) as the point of departure would result in a 1-to 3-fold difference in the estimated risk levels (Figures 2 and 3).
The BMDL values were up to 4.6 times higher than the empirical NOAELs (range, 0.5-4.6), and the BMCL values were up to 3.9 times higher than the empirical NOAELs (range, 0.2-3.9) (Tables 1 and 3).