BMCNBullmastiff Club from the Netherlands
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PUNTING (no.-tot.-avg.): IC: Owen Hipskind 1-22-22.0; BMcN: P.Gerberding 1-14-14.0, Tyler Hiller 1-53-53.0.
INTERCEPTIONS: IC: Khalil Saunders; BMcN: Manny Harris.
In this study all patients were females with a median age of 45 years which is in keeping with the literature that reports a female BMCN preponderance of 90%, typically in the fourth and fifth decades of life.
Low and high power histology slides of a BMCN wall with the arrow indicating the ovarian-like stroma
Biliary mucinous cystic neoplasms (BMCNs) are uncommon multilocular hepatic cysts which account for less than 5% of liver cysts.
MRI/MRCP may be of value in assessing proximity to the intrahepatic biliary system and possible biliary communication of cysts, which would make BMCNs unlikely.
The only appropriate surgical strategy for treatment of BMCNs is complete resection with negative margins, either as anatomical or non-anatomical liver resection, depending on the position of the cyst and the relationship to vital structures.