BMDCBluetooth Modem Daughter Card
BMDCBradford Metropolitan District Council (UK)
BMDCBeijing Modern Dance Company (China)
BMDCBone Marrow-derived Dendritic Cell
BMDCBangladesh Medical and Dental Council
BMDCBusiness Model Design Center (Denmark)
BMDCBallistic Missile Defense Center
BMDCBeijing Modern Dance Conservatory
BMDCBlack Marlin Data Corporation (Philippines)
BMDCBellmore Merrick Democratic Club
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To our knowledge, ours is the first work reporting the BMDCs contribution to the olfactory neurons," said study corresponding author Dr.
An increase in the number of BMDCs was found along the lifespan in both experimental groups.
But we also have provided the first evidence that BMDCs can contribute simultaneously to different encephalic areas through different mechanisms of plasticity: cell fusion for Purkinje cells, which are among the largest and most elaborately dendritic neurons in the human brain, and differentiation for olfactory bulb interneurons.
BMDC is striving to build a fan base in its hometown.
Tsao broke away from BMDC in 2005 and formed Beijing Dance/LDTX.
He joined Jin Xing's dance company, and later BMDC.
The levels of thymus- and activation-regulated chamomile (TARC/CCL17; R&D Systems), macrophage-derived chemokine (MDC/CCL22; R&D Systems), and IL-12p40 (Endogen) in the BMDC culture supernatants and the levels of IFN-[gamma] (Endogen), IL-4 (Amersham), IL-10 (Endogen), and IL-17 (R&D Systems) in the supernatants of BMDCs and T-cell cocultures or splenocyte cultures were measured by ELISA according to the manufacturers' instructions.
H]1 cytokine IL-12p40 in any BMDC cultures (data not shown).
Hong Kong businessman and choreographer Willy Tsao took over as artistic director of BMDC in 1999.
42] have assayed the ability of BmDCs differentiated under hypoxic conditions to get recruited to secondary lymphoid organs.
Phenotype of Immature and Mature BMDCs Chicken bone marrow cells showed their clustering and colonization at 6th day, and on the 7th day their maturation response was observed stimulated with 1 ug/mL LPS.
GM-CSF not only promotes the growth of dendritic cells but also support in their survival, and induces BMDCs differentiation to mobile, reversibly adherent cells with long ramified projections (Markowicz and Engleman, 1990).