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The 41st BoD meeting held on 03 December 2007 highlights that BMDF spent only BDT 132.
To make the information transparent before the citizens, BMDF has initiated several programs like: leaflet distribution, sign board placement at construction site, etc.
If anyone notice wrong working during the project period, they can directly communicate with the officer in charge at BMDF premises.
BMDF emphasizes high priority in the quality of works at field level.
Sometime, the assistance is providing through short training organized by BMDF or through other organizations for the ULB engineers.
BMDF is very much keen to consider any adverse impact to the community where the civil works or infrastructural projects are going on.
BMDF is financing the money through a very transparent channel as mentioned earlier in the financing policies.
According to the table 4, it is clearly visible that BMDF is funding in fourteen main infrastructure development projects initiated by the local municipalities according to their own priority.
Municipalities can only ask for the loans and finance from BMDF if they can reach a certain level of their own income to prove that they are capable enough to refund the money in next 20 years.
It shows that the municipalities have started to earn more revenues when the BMDF projects successfully done and incorporated in the municipalities.
Worker's attitude: The municipality's workers start to collect the taxes and try to work better so that they can repay the loan to BMDF thinking of further improvement in their areas by submitting more project proposals in near future.