BMDLBenchmark Dose (Lower Confidence Limit)
BMDLBarony-Marche of the Debatable Lands
BMDLBelow Minimum Detectable Limits
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Number of failed BMDL, a common measure, where "failure" is defined as above in (1).
However, other studies suggest that the ratio is closer to 1:1 [3]; therefore, the NHANES values may not be directly comparable to BMDL recommended by NRC.
In this article, we compared two points of departure--the traditional BMDL and the recently proposed SNCD--applied to > 8,000 high-throughput experimental concentration-response curves generated during Tox21 Phase I (Tice et al.
The average of the BMDLs using a logarithmic dose-response model for the measure of neurodevelopment most sensitive to Hg was similar at about 5 [micro]g/L in cord blood (Budtz-Jorgensen et al.
In the examples provided here using the postulated uncertainty distributions, the result of default approaches, such as dividing an animal BMDL by 100 or linearly extrapolating from an allometrically scaled animal BMDL, were higher than the (onesided) 95% confidence limit of the probabilistic outputs for the protection goals, in terms of the magnitude of effect and population incidences illustrated.
The final model and associated BMD and BMDL for each dose-response set was selected according to the following criteria.
Researchers typically calculate a BMDL by focusing on data sets for a single chemical at a time.
Potential advantages of the BMDL relative to the NOAEL include the use of all available data in its determination and avoidance of the restriction that it be equal to one of the experimental doses.
The BMDL is the one-sided lower 95% confidence limit, equivalent to a 90% two-sided confidence limit.
EPA calculated a 95% lower one-sided confidence limit on the BMD (BMDL) of 2 [micro]g/kg/day, whereas the CalEPA derived a BMDL of 3.
The BMDL was calculated using the profile likelihood method (Crump 1995; Filipsson et al.