BMDMBone Marrow-Derived Macrophage
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BMDMBone Mineral Density Measurement
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Briefly, BMDMs, SMCs, or endothelial cells were stained with 5 [micro]M DHE in media for 10 min, after which 200 ppb NaAs[O.
Total RNA was isolated from BMDMs using an RNeasy kit (Qiagen).
Media from BMDMs were collected after 48 h of exposure to 50ppb NaAs[O.
BMDM showed increased susceptibility to necrosis when treated with oxLDL while [Casp3.
Caspase-3 deficient BMDM and VSMCs showed resistance to apoptosis as illustrated by reduced TUNEL positivity.
Exo CT26 evaluate the expression of IL4 IL4 is a major stimulator for M2 polarization so we next test whether Exo CT26 promote IL4 expression of BMDM.
For in vitro experiment BMDM cells were prepared from IL4 knockout mice and cultured with LPS / IFN- followed by treating with Exo CT26 Exo-C or PBS.
Then BMDM (BMDM: DABPA = 1:1, mole ratio) was added to the flask.
According to some previous works (28-30), in the 100-200[degrees]C range, the BMDM and DABPA monomers react via the "ene" reaction to form "ene" adduct.