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BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Organization
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Office
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Operations
BMDOBiology and Medicine Division
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Like the BMDO study, RAND uses data from the SAR reports, and RAND focuses on the seven categories of cost variance that the SAR contains: quantity, economic, schedule, engineering, estimating, support, and other.
The information provided on the IAF using part of its budget on Arrow infrastructure costs was provided by a BMDO official.
In fact, the BMDO plans to use similar technologies developed by SDI to upgrade short-range missile defense.
Products and systems reviewed for Design fax seem stock full of components that could tell the difference between balloons and bombs, so why should the BMDO settle for anything less than an optimum system?
According to Collier, the Army and BMDO scientists assigned to the program are devoting more attention to the technologies involved in discrimination.
However, this proved too ambitious, and the BMDO switched its funding priority to theatre ballistic missile defence (TBMD) and developing the technology for a National Missile Defense (NMD) system using ground-based missiles (rather than the space-based Brilliant Pebbles of SDI).
They receive about 20% more funds to distribute than other government agencies such as NASA and BMDO (Ballistic Missile Defense Organization), all of whom have become key to R & D in the US today.
BMDO allocated $784 million for PAC-3 in fiscal 2002.
The NTW system builds upon the BMDO investment in LEAP technology, the Navy's STANDARD Missile and existing infrastructure, and will deploy on AEGIS ships.
Lyles, director, BMDO, "Opening Remarks," Congressional Testimony before the Subcommittee on St Strategic Forces Committee on Armed Services, 24 March 1998,
TRW is leading a team as one of two final companies competing for the Space Based Infra Red System (SBIRS) Low - the low-Earth orbiting component of the next generation ballistic missile tracking and discrimination system; managing and operating the National Test Facility, the nation's premier test and war gaming facility, where realistic national and theater missile defense simulations are conducted for senior civilian and military leaders; development of the Tactical High Energy Laser, the Airborne Laser, and the Space Based Laser; BMDO contractor for TMD BMC3 Systems Engineering and Integration; participating in the Ground-based Interceptor Alternate Booster Study and the Liquid Rocket Target Launch Vehicle Study.
CSC will provide day-to-day systems engineering, acquisition, technology, multimedia and administrative support to the BMDO in the development, testing and acquisition of the Ballistic Missile Defense System.