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BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Organization
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Office
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Operations
BMDOBiology and Medicine Division
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administration changed the name of the BMDO to the Missile Defense
Like the BMDO study, RAND uses data from the SAR reports, and RAND focuses on the seven categories of cost variance that the SAR contains: quantity, economic, schedule, engineering, estimating, support, and other.
The FY2002 budget also included funds for BMDO to resume work on space-based kinetic energy (KE) weapons: $5 million for experiment design and $15 million for concept definition.
El Congreso deberia requerir del BMDO articular mas claramente que pruebas planea en las instalaciones de pruebas y que capacidades generaria que no podria tener por otras vias.
This figure is inadequate as well because BMDO couldn't give the cost of a number of its systems, so that the figure may well be up to $150,000,000,000, or, indeed, several times even this figure if certain options are fully developed.
Furthermore, as weapons scientist Theodore Postol of MIT pointed out at a May 25 press briefing, the "Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) continues to make transparently false statements about the capabilities of the Raytheon Kill Vehicle relative to the Boeing Kill Vehicle.
Director John Nabil explained how the Columbus center had been reorganized to better serve their major customers, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), and BMDO.
I have obtained and analyzed the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization's (BMDO's) own published data from the Integrated Flight Test-1A (IFT-1A) and have discovered that the BMDO's own data shows that the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle will be defeated by the simplest of balloon decoys.
But even if the next test misfires, the Pentagon's Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) has already put forward a rationale that Clinton could use to give the green light for deployment, namely that two more "hit to kill" tests could be squeezed in between now and next spring, when construction will begin on the critical NMD radar site in Shemya, Alaska, if Clinton decides to go full speed ahead on deployment.
The agencies gain nothing from the economic success of the companies they fund, with one exception: BMDO (Star Wars) realizes that it can gain new products on the cheap by fostering new technologies that are likely to attract capital investment as they mature.
Commissioned by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), the Welsh Report, as it is known, stated that the administration's current Three Plus Three plan was a "rush to failure" and that the national missile defense program was "highly unlikely" to succeed.
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