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BMDPBone Marrow Donor Programme (Singapore)
BMDPBio-Medical Data Package
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In the experiment involving BMDP, the skin preparation was mounted in a Franz diffusion cell which resulted in two compartments: "donor" and "receptor.
PL estimates for founding models are obtained by using the BMDP 2L program (survival analysis with covariates).
EQS structural relations program manual Los Angeles, CA: BMDP Statistical Software.
Software programs for the calculation of correlation matrix have been available in most standard statistical computer packages such as SPSS, SAS and BMDP.
Dixon who authored the manual for the BMDP statistics package, and who is probably responsible for the bulk of the "Dixon" citations.
1992), EQS: Structural Equations Program Manual, BMDP Statistical Software, Los Angeles, CA.
Statistical analyses were performed using SAS and BMDP statistical software.
Following is the description of each function of the life tables we are using in our current analysis, generated by the BMDP program.
MMR can be easily conducted on statistical software packages such as BMDP, SAS, and SPSS using the regression procedure (hierarchical multiple regression).
Databases: Dbase IV, Statistical software: SAS, BMDP, ABSTAT.
Survival Analysis with Covariates--Cox Models," in BMDP Statistical Software Manual, Volume 2, edited by W.