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BMDPBone Marrow Donor Programme (Singapore)
BMDPBio-Medical Data Package
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Possible individual differences in fixation disparity effects were analyzed with a second ANOVA, with participants (subjects) as an explicit random factor (BMDP Program 8V).
The bioenhancing potential of Cosmoperine was also evaluated in experiments with the steroidal antiinflammatory drug betamethasone dipropionate, or BMDP, and a topical antioxidant compound derived from turmeric root (Curcuma longa, Fam.
Bio-Medical Data Package (BMDP) statistica l software (Dixon, Brown, Engelman, & Jeunrich, 1990) was employed for all analyses.
Analyses were completed by using a statistical software package (BMDP Statistical Software, Release 7.1, Los Angeles, CA).
The computation was carried out on an IBM VM/SP computer using the SAS library [17] and the BMDP statistical software [18].
To examine the relationship between maturity and potato aphid infested plants, BMDP2V (BMDP, 1983) procedures were used to test the predictability of potato aphid infested plants using maturity as a time-varying covariate.
(1995): EQS Structural Equations Program Manual, Los Angeles, BMDP Statistical Software.
Similarly, in the BMDP software, the Mahalanobis Distance was employed to identify outliers.
Individual questionnaires were used as input data into a 1990 Bio-Medical Data Processing (BMDP) statistical software package.
Using the intervals between successive events, the program BMDP 2L estimated the founding rate.
Bentler, Peter M., EQS: Structural Equations Program Manual, Los Angeles, CA: BMDP Statistical Software 1989.