BMDPMBallistic Missile Defense Program Manager
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Moreover, taking the earlier estimate of 2.7 x [10.sup.14] thiols/[cm.sup.2] available for crosslinking, with 5 x [10.sup.12] thiols/[cm.sup.2] reacting with BMDPM crosslinker in a monodentate fashion and the rest assumed to form crosslinks, predicts an incorporated BMDPM coverage of about 1.3 x [10.sup.14] molecules/[cm.sup.2].
From the two hydrophobic crosslinkers that reacted, bismaleimidohexane (BMH) and 1,1'-(methylenedi-4,1-phenylene) bismaleimide (BMDPM), BMDPM produced much more robust films, as judged by stability of the films when exposed to temperatures of 80[degrees]C.
Caption: Figure 2: EIS data for a PMPMS layer crosslinked with BMDPM for the indicated time.
Lack of signal in BMH and BMDPM treated films indicates near complete conversion of PMPMS thiols.
Caption: Figure 4: Cyclic voltammetry measurements on PMPMS layers crosslinked for 17 hours with 1 mM (a) BMH and (b) BMDPM in DMF.
Caption: Figure 6: The difference in CV baseline current between two temperatures, 25[degrees]C and 50[degrees]C, in 0.5M SPB, as a function of BMDPM crosslinking time.