BMDRBare Metal Disaster Recovery (Hewlett Packard)
BMDRBone Marrow Donor Registry (various locations)
BMDRBelow-Market Discount Rate
BMDRBalistic Missile Defense Review (US DoD)
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SSQ: Would you characterize the NPR or BMDR changes as evolutionary or revolutionary?
A war-fighting construct means we'll have an air component, a maritime component, a space component, and right now, a missile defense component, pending the outcome of the BMDR. But it's just a war-fighting structure.
"It's really going to be up to the BMDR where we are maturity wise and policy wise," he said.
The BMDR reads that the US and Russia are "no longer enemies" and there is "no significant prospect of war between them."
Although the BMDR and the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) (4)
nuclear weapons will play a role in the deterrence of regional states so long as those states have nuclear weapons, but the decisions taken in the NPR, BMDR, and QDR reflect the U.S.
In particular, the BMDR directed us to further examine ballistic missile defense in the European theater of operations.
I've had final medical checks and I'm basically just as fit as any other soldier now." He said he was determined to return to the war zone, in part to avenge the death of his fellow soldier L Bmdr James Dwyer, 22, who was killed after taking the full force of the explosion when their vehicle drove over an anti-tank mine on December 27, 2006.
The 2010 BMDR observed that long-range homeland missile defenses would be used against missile attack from "any source," but also noted that interceptor capacity is insufficient to defeat large-scale attacks and furthermore is not "intended to affect the strategic balance" with Russia and China.
Consistent with the BMDR [DOD's Ballistic Missile Defense Review], and in order to implement the PAA and to fulfill the missile defense needs of regional combatant commanders, the budget request included funds to increase the planned inventory of SM-3 and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptors, as Congress had previously directed.
Bmdr Wilson, 29, who saw action in the Gulf and Sierra Leone, was engaged to be married to Katrina.
Bmdr Wilson served in the Gulf and Sierra Leone and was engaged to be married to fiancAe Katrina.