BMDSBallistic Missile Defense System
BMDSBenchmark Dose Software (US EPA)
BMDSBy My Damn Self
BMDSBusiness Management and Decision Sciences (various organizations)
BMDSBehavioral Measurement Database Services (Pittsburgh, PA)
BMDSMultiplicative Binary Moment Diagram (mathematics)
BMDSBermuda Musical & Dramatic Society (est. 1945)
BMDSBio Medic Data Systems, Inc. (Seaford, DE)
BMDSBlack Male Development Symposium (Arcadia University; Glenside, PA)
BMDSBi-National Minimum Dataset (Australia)
BMDSBase Manpower Data System
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BMDS applies a normal distribution as the default assumption to model continuous data, and PROAST assumes that continuous responses are lognormally distributed.
EPA's BMDS allows the user to input individual continuous data, but the system converts the individual data into summary data by grouping subjects with the same dose level and then fits the data as if they were summary data.
ballistic-missile defenses has grown in importance in recent years, even as national-level BMDS has expanded to encompass other potential threats.
Aegis BMD functions as an integral node in the overall, integrated national BMDS but also can operate independently to defeat ballistic missiles.
0 Open Architecture AWS and is capable of using remote BMDS sensor information to engage an incoming target (Engage-on-Remote).
DOD has taken some initial steps to plan for BMDS support, but efforts to date are incomplete, and difficulties in transitioning responsibilities from MDA to the services have complicated long-term planning.
Recommendation: To improve planning to support BMDS elements, including planning for the transition of support responsibilities from MDA to the services, the Secretary of Defense should direct the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, establish a standard process for long-term support planning that adheres to key principles for life-cycle management, including establishing timelines for planning that must be completed before each element is fielded, such as naming a lead service, involving services in support and transition planning, and deciding when support responsibilities will be transitioned to the services.
This is the first priority of the BMDS implementation strategy.
TPY-2 information is transmitted to other BMDS sensors and weapons systems, via the BMDS command and control system, to facilitate engagement of threats to the U.
The conference--hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), in cooperation with Northrop Grumman Corporation and supported by MDA--will expose the BMDS to the entire missile defense community, educate conference participants on the system-level approach to BMDS development, and serve as an exchange of ideas on BMDS evolution.
Despite recent testing setbacks, a rudimentary missile defense system will soon go operational, the overall BMDS program management of the system remaining with MDA.