BMDUBomb and mine Disposal Unit
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Note: BMD, Benchmark Dose; BMDL, Benchmark Dose Lower Confidence Limit; BMDU, Benchmark Dose Upper Confidence Limit; BW, Body Weight; ED50, Effective Dose for a 50% response; LOAEL, Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level; NOAEL, No Observed Adverse Effect Level; POD, Point of Departure; P50, median of the distribution = Geometric mean of lognormal distribution; P95/P50, ratio between the 95th percentile and the median of the distribution = [(Geometric standard deviation of lognormal distribution).sup.1.6449]; RfD, Reference Dose; SD, Standard Deviation; TD, Toxicodynamic; TK, Toxicokinetic; [UF.sub.L], Uncertainty Factor for LOAEL-to-NOAEL.
Valeo is also responsible for the power electronics, dc to dc converter and Battery Management and Disconnect Unit (BMDU).