BMENABroader Middle East and North Africa
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patented BMENA initiative in 2004, the cool atmosphere in bilateral relations was replaced with a warmer climate.
Summary: The sixth session of the Forum for the Future, which wrapped up on Tuesday in Marrakech (320 km south of Rabat), was crowned with a common vision and a declaration voicing the common will to build an equal partnership between the G8 and the BMENA countries.
BMENA Conference US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education Glenn Cummings, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Minister of Education Dr Walid Maani, and American Ambassador Stephen Beecroft opened on Tuesday a two-day regional conference on community and technical colleges as part of the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Initiative.
The shortcomings of those programs, including the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative (BMENA) and the Middle East Free Trade Agreements (MEFTA), are analyzed in detail.
(BMENA) initiative, including the Foundation and Fund for the Future.
Over the last couple of weeks, Secretary Spellings has been promoting the No Child Left Behind Act's principles in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, at the Broader Middle East and North African (BMENA) Education Ministerial (, and in Moscow, Russia, at the Group of 8 (G-8) Education Ministerial (
The yearly Forum for the Future has become the centerpiece of the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Initiative, which brings the G8 and European nations together with governments, businesses, and civil society organizations of the region to strengthen democracy and prosperity.
The "Parallel Conference of Forum for Future" comes ahead of the November 11-12 "Forum for Future" during which foreign ministers of 38 countries from the Middle East and the G8 will discuss the US-sponsored Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) initiative.
(43.) In their study about the practical geopolitical implications of Davutoglu's discourse toward the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) region, Guney and Mandaci emphasize four main geopolitical codes: a) Proactive involvement in securing BMENA as a soft power, b) Turkey as 'de-securitizer' and 'zero problems with the neighbors', c) Turkey as a 'regional protector' of BMENA, d) Turkey as 'democracy promoter' and an 'integrative power' in BMENA.
The Fifth Anniversary Since the Foundation's Operations Started In adhering to its mandate that calls for promoting and strengthening civil society initiatives in their efforts to foster democracy and Human Rights in the BMENA region, the Foundation for the Future has provided over the past five years financial and technical support to civil society organizations (CSOs) working in the fields of Human Rights and democracy.
East and North Africa (BMENA) region and the G-8, along with a number of
The Forum for the Future, a yearly gathering of Arab senior officials and leaders of civil society is a joint initiative of the countries of the Broader Middle East and North Africa region (BMENA), and the industrialized countries of the Group of Eight (G-8).