BMEPBrake Mean Effective Pressure
BMEPBone Marrow Edema Pattern
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The real-time combustion model is capable of simulating the HRR (heat release rate) and in-cylinder pressure, along with the related metrics, such as MFB50, PFP (Peak Firing Pressure), IMEP (Indicated Mean Effective Pressure) and BMEP.
Tests have been run in steady state conditions at 2000 rpm and BMEP = 3 bar.
Figure 6 shows the fuel consumption versus engine BMEP for E5B15 and diesel fuel.
at 8 bar BMEP [8], and less than the 8 CAD advance with 20% EGR reported by Hoepke et al.
Perhaps the remarkable thing about the S2000 engine's output is not obvious in horsepower or BMEP numbers.
Biocomponents have a negative effect on fuel consumption and BMEP.
2], resulting in best economy, lowest emissions and maximizing BMEP of each individual cylinder.
For this study, the operating point at 2000 rpm and BMEP = 5 bar was chosen.
The BMEP maximizes at midrange of engine speed ([approximately equal to] 3000RPM).
35 (No EGR) Total fuel rate [J/cyc] 2100(525 J/cyl) Nominal BMEP [bar] -3.