BMEPBrake Mean Effective Pressure
BMEPBone Marrow Edema Pattern
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The maximal pressure in cylinder ([p.sub.max]) and exhaust gas temperature ([T.sub.exhaust]) as the function of engine load BMEP (or We-specific effective work) for different (CR) values are shown in Figure 7.
Each of Willis Lux Holdings 2 S.a r.l., German BMEP Ord GmbH and Co.
Figure 6 shows the fuel consumption versus engine BMEP for E5B15 and diesel fuel.
Principal particulars of new Mitsubishi and Wartsila small-bore low-speed engines: Engine type RT-flex35 RT-flex40 RTA35/UEC35LSE RTA40/UEC40LSE Cylinder bore, mm: 350 400 Piston stroke, mm: 1,550 1,770 Power/cylinder, MCR, kW: 870 1,135 Speed range, rpm: 167-142 146-124 Brake mean effective 21.0 21.0 pressure, BMEP, bar: Mean piston speed, m/s: 8.6 8.6 Number of cylinders: 5 to 8 5 to 8 Power range, kW: 3,475-6,960 4,550-9,080
At low speed and light brake mean effective pressure (bmep) 0.3 MPa, the usage of additive SO-2E results in reduced value of bsec from 14.6-12.3 MJ/kWh to 11.6-11.8 MJ/kWh, or by 20.5-4.1%.
BMEP servo electric press monitors and controls force, distance and speed during the press process.
SwRI noted that such projects will focus on the development of knock-resistant combustion chambers, high-energy ignition approaches and strategies for high brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) operation.
On the chart that plots Break Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) against Air Excess (Lambda), the operating window is a very narrow band where efficiency peaks and where NOx is near its minimum.
Compression ratio is 9.0:1 and rated BMEP is 18.4 bar (266 psi).