BMERBlack Minority Ethnic and Refugee
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There are (at least) three ways in which BMER women are differentially connected with local authorities: they are more likely to access social welfare services provided by local authorities; they are more likely to be employed by local authorities as teachers, nurses and social workers, etc; and they are more likely to be subcontracted via private sector organisations (as care workers, cleaners, caterers, etc).
I have commented briefly on the severe doubts that surround what follows (1582-1766) in BMER 6 (1995), 431-2.
An examination of the numerical values of the coefficients in the regressions suggest that a 2 percent depreciation of the black market exchange rate (BMER) will, in the short run, induce a 1 percent decline in M2 money demand.
Since diacritics can affect how a student looks for information in European and other bibliographical sources, it is important to correctly list an author as Aloys Bmer, not Aloys Bomer.