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BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System
BMEWSBarking Moonbat Early Warning System (blog)
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Regarding defense of Conus from missile attack (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea are concerns), the main basing issues today have to do with the upgrading of the BMEWS radars in the United Kingdom at Fylingdale Moor and at Thule, Greenland, under Danish sovereignty.
AUTOVON/AUTODIN = Automatic Voice Network/Automatic Digital Network; DSP = Defense Satellite Program; DEW = Distant Early Warning; BMEWS = Ballistic Missile Early Warning System; SOSUS = Sound Surveillance System; NUDETS = Nuclear Detonation Detection and Reporting System.
The company previously upgraded the BMEWS sites at Thule, Greenland and Fylingdales, England, with phased array radars in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The BMEWS radars were also among the first contributing sensors to our space surveillance mission, and I'll talk more about that in a little bit.
The other two BMEWS radars were built at Clear, AK, and Thule, Greenland.
It was later determined that the powerful BMEWS radars had been receiving returns from the moon.
Boyhan's experience includes work on the USAF Dew Line radar system, the BMEWS Rearward Communication System, troposcatter links including diversity techniques, an each station for the AT&T COMSTAR satellite program, Telstar 3 payload design, INTELSAT earth stations in Iran, terrestrial digital microwave for ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia, secure voice communications for AIR FORCE 1 and various intermodulation distortion studies.