BMFABritish Model Flying Association
BMFABoston Museum of Fine Arts
BMFABlue Mountain Foundation for the Arts (Ontario, Canada; art promotion)
BMFABritish Marine Finfish Association (Perthshire, Scotland, UK)
BMFABurlington Minor Football Association (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)
BMFABaileys Marine Fuels Australia (est. 1986)
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Current UK cod production will be about 90 tonnes this year, but the BMFA believes that in 10 years time total UK farmed whitefish production (mainly cod, haddock and halibut) will be worth 100m [pounds sterling] to the Scottish economy, employing 600 people.
Aware that the key issue in developing the industry over the next few years is its ability to be sustainable, the BMFA is participating in a number of R&D projects on all aspects of marine finfish farming.
As part of its submission to the current consultation by the Scottish Executive to develop a strategic framework for aquaculture in Scotland, the BMFA has underlined that seawater temperatures in Scotland provide some of the best environmental conditions in the northern hemisphere for marine finfish farming, putting the country at a competitive advantage over other major fish farming nations.