BMFCBengal Mumbai Football Club (Mumbai, India)
BMFCBarry Manilow Fan Club
BMFCBlack Mountain Forestry Center (Maple Falls, Washington)
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The impact of the parent training with the BMFC was evaluated in isolation of any other form of treatment, but in applied practice parent training is typically just one component of a treatment package tailored to individual families that might include other interventions such as academic remediation and social skills training.
Parents will understand how the relationship between the characteristics of ADHD and ODD logically leads to the intervention steps presented in the BMFC.
The key in the lower left-hand box of the BMFC describes the function of each geometric figure.
In addition to the didactic material presented above, there are critical differences between the BMFC parenting steps and well-known parent training programs based on the two-stage Hanf model (c.
The BMFC is the unit that provides structure for the synthesis of the literature.
Decision diamonds in the BMFC reflect flexibility and allow the parent options to adapt the program to situational demands.
The principal target behavior of the BMFC is child noncompliance.
One rarely cited, yet parsimonious explanation for the failure of behavior management training is suggested when the BMFC is examined: what trainers are asking adults to do is exceedingly hard.