BMFFBanff Mountain Film Festival (Canada)
BMFFBlue Mountains Folk Festival (Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia)
BMFFBirmingham Mountain Film Festival (UK)
BMFFISO (International Organization for Standardization) Base Media File Format (computing)
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Watson, "ISO BMFF Byte Stream Format", W3C,, March 2015.
On the left is the ISO BMFF, which contains the DASH-encoded content and CENC DRM information for three DRMs.
"We hope the BMFF becomes a regular feature in the climbing calendar - a place where experts and novices mix and all experience something to inspire them."
In July 2014, DVB ratified its MPEG-DASH Profile for Transport of ISO BMFF Based DVB Services over IP Based Networks, aligning closely with DASH-IF's implementation guidelines and adding a selection of appropriate video and audio codecs from the DVB toolbox, plus MPEG Common Encryption and EBU-TT-D subtitles.
The objective was to marry a subset of the base DASH profiles included by ISO/ MPEG (ISO BMFF Live and On-Demand profiles) with H.264/AVC video codec, HE-AACv2 audio codec, Common Encryption (ISO 23001-7), multiple DRM signaling, HTTP/1.1 and subtitling with SMPTE-TT.
Many large over-the-top (OTT) video distributors--including Netflix and Hulu--have implemented DASH, and YouTube is following suit as well, albeit with a player dependent approach featuring either ISO BMFF H.264 or WebM VP9-based DASH profiles.
Hulu also began deploying DASH early for Chromecast devices and now uses it for all new deployments, strictly based on the ISO base media file format (BMFF) on-demand profile with demuxed essences and using CENC plus PlayReady and Widevine DRMs.
YouTube is taking a somewhat more complex approach, using a mix of ISO BMFF H.264 and WebM VP9-based DASH profiles depending on the players they are targeting, also with demuxed essences.
As DASH profiles, we use ISO BMFF on demand and live, as well as WebM on demand.