BMFFBanff Mountain Film Festival (Canada)
BMFFBlue Mountains Folk Festival (Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia)
BMFFBirmingham Mountain Film Festival (UK)
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On the left is the ISO BMFF, which contains the DASH-encoded content and CENC DRM information for three DRMs.
In July 2014, DVB ratified its MPEG-DASH Profile for Transport of ISO BMFF Based DVB Services over IP Based Networks, aligning closely with DASH-IF's implementation guidelines and adding a selection of appropriate video and audio codecs from the DVB toolbox, plus MPEG Common Encryption and EBU-TT-D subtitles.
The objective was to marry a subset of the base DASH profiles included by ISO/ MPEG (ISO BMFF Live and On-Demand profiles) with H.
Many large over-the-top (OTT) video distributors--including Netflix and Hulu--have implemented DASH, and YouTube is following suit as well, albeit with a player dependent approach featuring either ISO BMFF H.
YouTube is taking a somewhat more complex approach, using a mix of ISO BMFF H.