BMFTBundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie (German ministry of research)
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But even with steeper rates and only a mid-sized local population, BMFT's hours has steadily grown.
BMFT has experimented with we-binar training as an income stream and is looking at sending groups of students on multi-day training trips to warmer climes during winter months.
Bundesministerium fur Forschung und Technologie (BMFT) (Ed.), Deutscher Delphi-Bericht zur Entwicklung von Wissenschaft und Technik, Bonn 1993, pp.
The authors would like to express their gratitude to the partial support of the German Ministry of Science and Technology (BMFT) and one of us, M.
Friedrich Wilckens of the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology (BMFT) and Franz Goerlich of DFG also contributed significantly to forming and maintaining a "critical mass" of German DSDP scientists.
Although most of the scientists initially approached by DFG and BMFT were enthusiastic about the possibility of working with the world's best drilling researchers, others were concerned about the limited number of German marine geoscientists, fearing that this resource would quickly become exhausted if each DSDP leg required a German scientist to go to sea and then concentrate for a year or two on the resulting data and samples.
The 56-year-old Frankfurt native heads a division of government, the Bundesminister fur Forschung und Technologie (BMFT), that dispenses more than $9 billion a year to industry, universities, and government research facilities.
Meanwhile, he has plowed more marks into basic research, dedicating 19% of his BMFT budget to this area, compared to 12% or 13% for the U.S.
Barium Meal and follow through--On 17.6.13 no significant abnormality seen in BMFT study.
Much of its R&D is performed under grants from the German Ministry of Research & Technology (BMFT).