BMGBBeteiligungs-Management-Gesellschaft Berlin
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of Establishment of (DM Million) Employees Firms & Year Horst Plaschna Electrical 9 3470 (1992) 10.033 KG (September motors (and 1992) other items) HW Urban KG Machines, 9 1521 (1993) 4.365 (May 1992) machine systems, building materials EREL Verwaltungs Steel heavy 18 1763 (1993) 4.803 KG (February machinery, 1993) electrical machinery EFBE Verwaltungs Cars, motors, 12 1970 (1993) 5.195 KG (February metal and 1993) machines Schroder and Textiles, 13 1,8144 (1993) 2.758 Partners KG leather goods, (February furniture, 1993) electronic devices Note: * On the Government side a special public enterprise is incharge of management KG's, viz., the Participation Management Company Berlin (BMGB) Sources: (1.) Personal communication: Treuhandanstalt.
On the government side a special public enterprise is in charge of these management KGs, namely the Participation Management Company Berlin (BMGB).--This special-task institution had been part of the Treuhand with the same name, and its, employees still tend to denominate themselves as part of Treuhand.