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And when List and Karlan examined the impact of a matching grant provided by BMGF at a ratio of $2:$1 versus a control group that received no match offer, the $2:$1 BMGF matching grant significantly increased average revenue per solicitation by 81 percent during the match period.
The Institute calls for partnership between companies in the manufacture of crop chemicals and seeds and BMGF to expand the use of coated seeds in addressing pests and diseases and gives the example of BASF's StrigAway, which has been touted as solution in the battle against striga, commonly known as witchweed, now a major threat especially among maize farmers in East Africa.
It was also reported that BMGF founders Bill and Melissa Gates also visited the rice research facility in Laguna.
Meanwhile Bill Gates announced that the BMGF will commit an additional $102m to help stamp out the disease.
Essa nova iniciativa foi liderada pelos governos de Inglaterra, Italia, Franca, Canada, Noruega e pela BMGF, que garantiram recursos de US$ 1,5 bilhao.
They joined an international consortium, led by the University of Notre Dame, which has been backed by the BMGF, set up in 2000 as a philanthropic organisation which looks to solve problems faced by the world's poorest people.
Beside others, NEOC Coordinator Dr Rana Safdar, ACS FATA, EOC FATA Coordinator, Secretary Social Sector, all Political Agents, Commissionaires, representatives of Rotary International, UNICEF, WHO, BMGF, Agency Surgeons and other relevant FATA Health Officials were present on the occasion.
A meeting in this regard was held with Coordinator Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Emergency Operation Center, Atif Rehman in the chair and attended by leader of UNICEF team Dr Johar Khan, Dr Imtiaz Ali Shah of BMGF, Dr Abdi Nasir of WHO, Director EPI Dr Ikram Shah and concerned officials.
A meeting in this regard was held with Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Emergency Operation Center Coordinator Atif Rehman in the chair and attended by UNICEF team leader Dr Johar Khan, BMGF officer Dr Imtiaz Ali Shah, WHO Dr Abdi Nasir, EPI Director Dr Ikram Shah and other concerned officials.
The BMGF, with the support of CHAI, recently completed ceiling price agreements with Mylan and Aurobindo with the goal of accelerating the availability of the new fixed-dose combination to the public sector in over 90 LMICs at reduced pricing.
Representatives of health department, UNICEF, WHO, BMGF and other partner organizations were also present on the occasion.