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BMHBritish Motor Holdings
BMHBulk Material Handling
BMHBlount Memorial Hospital
BMHBlack Mental Health (various locations)
BMHBronson Methodist Hospital (Michigan)
BMHBrest Métropole Habitat (French: Brest City Housing; Brest, France)
BMHBoston Music Hall (now Boston Symphony Hall)
BMHBurt Matthews Hall (University of Waterloo; UK)
BMHBibliothèque du Musée de l'Homme (French: Museum of Man Library; National Museum of Natural History; Paris, France)
BMHBase Message Host
BMHBriançon Matériel Hôtelier (French: Briancon Hotel Equipment; Briancon, France)
BMHBourguignon Maintenance Hydromécanique (French: Burgundy Hydromechanical Maintenance; Bosc-Roger-sur-Bochy, France)
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An isiZulu version of the BMH was developed from the English version using standard translation and back-translation procedures.
Rivlin's visit the BMH marks the 70th anniversary of the closing of the prison camps that housed illegal immigrants, nearly all of whom were Holocaust survivors and were turned away by British Mandate authorities as they approached the shores of pre-state Israel.
Similarly, the Gup of Nanong Gewog, Sonam Jamtsho said, 'There is no sign of fruiting from the hazelnuts plants even after almost seven years now.' Talking to Business Bhutan, the Managing Director of BMH, Dr.
Dela Cruz, an accountancy graduate, built the BMH on a 220-square-meter lot he bought from his father, Rufino.
BMH's Managing Director John Yea said: "A few years back, though values of good Mini-Coopers were climbing steadily, the limited worth of their 850 cousins made comprehensive restorations hard to justify.
As shown in Figure 3, PMPMS layers crosslinked with BMDPM and BMH did not exhibit FcCA activity, indicating that probes did not immobilize.
BMH is located close to our Plattsburgh facility and has a family business style approach similar to ours," says Ludwig.
BMH - Worldwide will help you launch or relaunch your business and begin to gather more clients, and increase revenues.
The Under-11s competition saw another fine throw from Ben Savage (MAC) in the cricket ball as he won by a big margin with a distance of 37.64m, followed by Monty Wordsworth (MAC) Max Butler (BMH).
We optimized the cis and trans structures of BMH in the ground state, starting from 300 K through reducing the nuclear velocities by a factor of 0.9997 after each time step of 0.01 fs until the total molecular kinetic energy was less than [10.sup.-7] eV.
Given the exigencies of book production, it is not surprising that that particular work made some, but rather limited, use of the statements contained in the Bureau of Military History (BMH), which had been finally opened up to researchers in 2003.