BMHCBuilding Materials Holding Corporation (Boise, ID)
BMHCBear Mountain Hockey Club (New York)
BMHCBrandon Mental Health Centre (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)
BMHCBeyond Mind Healing Center (West Baldwin, ME)
BMHCBeta Myosin Heavy Chain
BMHCBone Marrow Hematopoietic Compartment
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Si no hay complicaciones sobreanadidas, los ninos con malnutricion son atendidos en la consulta de enfermeria del MRC en el BMHC o por la enfermera comunitaria en los poblados.
Wells Fargo is committing $80 million in debtor-in-possession financing to the company, of which $40 million is immediately available to BMHC upon court approval.
The new waiver requires BMHC to file tax returns, develop a business plan and limit its capital expenditures to $500.
BMHC Number of Stores (at end of 2,042 1,234 60 2005) Average Size of Selling Area 105,000 113,00 11,000 (sq.