BMIIBlagman Media International Inc. (marketing and advertising)
BMIIBrain Machine Interfacing Initiative (Freiburg, Germany)
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BMII has also hired new legal and financial advisors to assist the company in its quest for a secure and profitable future.
BMII finds itself constantly needing to address the old Century obligations.
Robert Blagman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BMII stated, "As is and was the case with Johnny Carson, Dean Martin and Victor Borge, the release of the Red Skelton videos have tremendous revenue potential.
The slowing world economy is, in reality, a boon for the direct marketing industry and for BMII," Blagman pointed out.
Marcus Laux on behalf of BMII and WellWorld Group, offer deep thoughts and prayers to the victims and families who have been affected by the tragic events that struck the United States.
BMII will manage the media marketing campaign with a strong push toward increasing market share and retail sales.
Robert Blagman, Chairman of BMII, stated: "Open i Networks will allow BMII to expand into a very positive hybrid mode of viral marketing and content delivery utilizing direct response methodology.
As VPI enters direct marketing, BMII will manage the national direct response television campaign under the direction of DM Partners LLC.
Michele Fuchs, Vice President Media and Marketing BMII added, 'We expect tremendous success as we premier the best of Red Skelton over the summer.
The inaccurate information concerning BMII traveling through the Internet message boards is irresponsible, especially to those shareholders who are dedicated to supporting a growing company.
However, one company stood head and shoulders above the rest and is an excellent fit for BMII -- Mercury Media.
OTC:BMII), reported that BMII has entered into a letter of intent to acquire a controlling equity interest in Tri-Gate Entertainment Ltd.