BMinBachelor of Ministry
BMinBureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation (US Coast Guard)
BMinBalkan Music Information Network (Albania)
BMinBi-Directional Multistage Interconnection Network
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Dodd's (1990) procedure was applied for the trait level estimation until each examinee obtained correct and incorrect responses: when all the responses were correct, [??] was increased by ([b.sub.max] - [??])/2; if all the responses were incorrect, [??] was reduced by ([??] - [b.sub.min])/2 (where bmax and bmin correspond, respectively, to the maximum and minimum b parameter in the item bank).
Nevertheless, if the timer reaches the time T value in the first case, it should compare the number of bytes with the third parameter Bmin which represents the minimum number of bytes to create the burst.
To determine the energy loss per unit distance traveled for collisions with impact parameter greater than bmin, we may use the expression
The annealing temperature was 56[degrees]C for Bmin and Bsub, 57[degrees]C for Bani and Bbif, 58[degrees]C for Bbre, Bcat, and Bthe, 60[degrees]C for Bin, as well as 62[degrees]C for Bang and Blon.