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BMISBritish Medical Informatics Society
BMISBusiness Management Information System
BMISBehaviour Management in Schools
BMISBiomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy (graduate fellowship; University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ)
BMISBureau Management Information System (UK)
BMISBusiness Maintenance Information System
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While BMIS can help overcome some of the known difficulties in information security, it is primarily a model that must be supported by additional standards and frameworks.
O'Hara and Perez then cashed out hundreds of thousands of dollars each from their personal BMIS accounts before confronting Madoff and refusing to generate any more fabricated books and records.
Madoff and BMIS were both a broker-dealer and investment advisor registered with the SEC.
DiPascali helped Madoff devise a shifting subset of 10 to 25 accounts - known as the 'special' accounts - which they deceptively presented as the universe of BMIS advisory accounts.
Banzhaf suggests that such chains are the main cause of rising BMIS.