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BMISBritish Medical Informatics Society
BMISBusiness Management Information System
BMISBehaviour Management in Schools
BMISBiomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy (graduate fellowship; University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ)
BMISBureau Management Information System (UK)
BMISBusiness Maintenance Information System
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The researchers from Pardee RAND Graduate School and RAND Corporation specifically looked at changes across BMI distributions to determine where BMI gains might be concentrated and if there are "critical periods" when there might be a large gain in BMI percentile.
In addition, an individual's change in BMI between early adulthood and middle age did not influence these effects.
If problems are caught early with more rigorous exams including calculating age- and sex-appropriate BMIs and age-, height-, and sex-appropriate blood pressures, among other measures--"you can really make a difference in this population" by treating problems sooner, especially with the cardiovascular effects of obesity and hypertension showing up at earlier ages.
"Many primary care doctors may be treating obese patients with BMIs of 30 and above for the symptoms related to increased cardiometabolic risk, like pre-diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension, but not treating them for the underlying cause, their excess visceral adiposity," said Professor Jean-Pierre Despres, scientific director of ICCR and professor, faculty of medicine, University Laval, Quebec, Canada.
The Business Model for Information Security (BMIS) presents a holistic, dynamic solution for designing, implementing and managing information security.
BMIS can be used in enterprises of all sizes and is compatible with other information security frameworks already in place.
British Ambassador James Watt held an event at his residence to mark British Midland International Airways (bmi) launching of their Diamond club,.
According to the SEC's complaint, Madoff and his lieutenant Frank DiPascali, routinely asked O'Hara and Perez for their help in creating records that, among other things, combined actual positions and activity from BMIS' market-making and proprietary trading businesses with the fictional balances maintained in investor accounts.
Since December 2008, the AICPA has been investigating the accounting firm for ethics violations related to the BMIS Ponzi scheme.
In a meta-analysis of the clinical impact of BMIs on alcohol and marijuana use, Burke and colleagues (2003) found that 51 percent of clients who received BMIs reduced their substance use, compared with 37 percent of those who received assessment only or treatment as usual.
Vegetable consumption, however, showed no consistent correlation with people' BMIs. The answer to why fruit consumption is more accurate predictor of body weight status than vegetable consumption may lie in the way many Americans incorporate these foods in their diets.
The most commonly used resins are radiation-sensitive acrylics, although the company also uses BMIs modified with reactive diluents.