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BMKBookmarked File
BMKButhus Martensi Karsch (Chinese scorpion species)
BMKBasic Mounting Kit
BMKBaby Mouse Kidney
BMKBenzyl Methyl Keton
BMKBorkum Airfield (airport code)
BMKBureau Moncef Khanfir (French; Tunisian chemical and raw materials company)
BMKBollywoodmusic-Konnection (online forum)
BMKBeretta, Malan & Klopper Technologies (South Africa; computer support)
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And McSorley's original lawyers BMK Wilson, of Glasgow, eventually paid him PS36,000 to compensate him for the loss of his land.
LAST SEASON: 17TH BMK BLACKPOOL Manager Paul Ince (Feb 2013).
uk/ The gang had also received an order for 250 litres of BMK, which would have produced 568 kilos of amphetamine - with a street value of more than PS5.
Static loading capacities range from 8,500 N for the BMK 15 and 13,100 N for the BMK 20.
Six people were arrested earlier this week in connection with the seizure of the chemicals BMK and PMK, which are illegal in this country.
BMK retained the investment banking firm of Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin to solicit interest in the company.
Prequalification are invited for Selection of a contractor for the development of design estimates for the automatic fire-fighting system of stage "A" and "C" for the facility "Plant for the production of gas cylinders in the town of Orsha" at OAO Legmash for OAO BMZ - the managing company of the holding BMK , as the general designer for this object
Sing Fai Yau, 50, pleaded guilty to possession of chemicals known as BMK at his home and PMK at Greenhills Industrial Estate, Dublin, on May 12, 2004.
Profits at the Renfrewshire-based firm, who own the world-famous BMK brand, dived as customers turned their backs on fitted carpets.
Scotland's last remaining carpet manufacturer, whose world famous BMK brand carpeted the ill-fated liner which sank in 1912, plunged deeply into the red last year.