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BMLBibliothèque Municipale de Lyon (French: Lyon Municipal Library; Lyon, France)
BMLBroadcast Markup Language
BMLBodega Marine Laboratory (UC Davis)
BMLBean Markup Language
BMLBusiness Management Layer
BMLBiomedical Library (University of South Alabama and University of California, San Diego)
BMLBank of Maldives (est. 1982)
BMLBetter Markup Language (server-side HTML preprocessor)
BMLBanque Misr Liban (French; Lebanese bank)
BMLBiham-Middleton-Levine (traffic model)
BMLBerlin Regional Airport (airport code; Berlin, NH)
BMLBoston Mutual Life (Insurance Company)
BMLBlue Man Library
BMLBless My Life
BMLBioMechanics Laboratory
BMLBelow the Mud Line (deep-sea studies)
BMLBlinkenlights Markup Language
BMLBytown Marine Ltd (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
BMLBadminton Maisons-Laffitte (French badminton club)
BMLBibliothèque Médicale Lemanissier (French: Lemanissier Medical Library; Le Mans, France)
BMLBidder's Mailing List
BMLBéton Matériaux Lyonnais (French: Lyon Concrete Materials; Lyon, France)
BMLBlizzard Markup Language
BMLBeau Meuble Liégeois (French: Liege Beautiful Furniture; Liege, Belgium)
BMLBelfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad Company
BMLBouchemaine Multi-Loisirs (French recreational and cultural association)
BMLBeaujolais Monts du Lyonnais (French: Beaujolais Hills of Lyon; vocational training)
BMLBlue Mountain Lodge (Banff, AB, Canada)
BMLBéton Mobile Lyon (French concrete manufacturer)
BMLBiologie Moléculaire des Ligneux (French: Molecular Biology of Woody Plants; conference)
BMLBrad Markup Language (precursor to TML and VXML used at Tellme Networks)
BMLBibliothèque Michel Lebrun (French: Michel Lebrun Library)
BMLBorgo Matériel Location (French equipment rental company)
BMLBouchaud Motoculture Loisirs (French gardening and landscaping equipment company)
BMLBase Master Listing
BMLBaies et Menuiseries du Languedoc (French building materials company)
BMLBuckhiester Management Ltd (Seattle, WA)
BMLBrigitte Marchand-Lapointe (French artist)
BMLBeardsley and Memorial Library (Winsted, CT)
BMLBusiness Mortgage Loan
BMLBéton Manufacturé de Lagny SA (French: Lagny Manufactured Concrete; Lagny-sur-Marne, France)
BMLBob Marley Legend
BMLBiblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (Italian library)
BMLBestuur Monumenten en Landschappen (Dutch: Office of Monuments and Sites; Belgium)
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The LML for blacklip abalone on the Tasmanian east coast has previously been 127 mm but is now 138 mm, which is a compromise reflecting the BML observed across more than 200 east coast populations (unpubl.
BEIRUT: When he started BML Istisharat as a consultancy firm in 1972, Joe Faddoul barely had startup capital.
Butola received the BML Munjal Awards on behalf of Indian Oil for 'Business Excellence through Learning and Development' for the year 2014 from Maruti Suzuki chairman R.
The next step is to show that treatment with zoledronic acid not only reduces BML size but also slows cartilage loss.
The Espial TV Browser is also capable of operating in both HTML and BML modes.
In 1998 he bought out his partner to take sole charge of BML.
Capivest chose to engage Almoayyed Computers and BML Istisharat, after rigorous evaluation, as the value proposition offered by the consortium is in sync with our vision of building equitable alliances to achieve growth and reward stakeholders through a diversified portfolio across industry sectors and geographies," said Capinvest chief operating officer Sameeh Abdullah Al Khan.
BML was acquired from Publishing News Ltd for an undisclosed sum.
Unlike the conventional battle of the bands, the BML invites all artists, from rappers to girl-bands, to show off their talent.
Banque Misr Liban (BML) reopened its branch in Furn El-Chebback, under the patronage of Ahmad El Bidewi, Egyptian ambassador to Lebanon, and was attended by Mohammad Kamal Eldin Barakat, chairman of the board of directors of BML, the bank said in a statement.
The events are at Bank Farm, Mellington, Churchstoke, onWednesday, October 15, BML, Derwydd, Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, Cerrigydrudion on Friday, October 17, and Danycoed, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul, on Tuesday, November 11.
The system, which was developed on request from clinical test firm BML Inc.