BMLABulletin of the Medical Library Association
BMLABritish Maritime Law Association (est. 1908; London, England, UK)
BMLABritish Medical Laser Association (UK)
BMLABrampton Minor Lacrosse Association (Canada)
BMLABone Marrow Lymphocyte Antigen
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The primary activities of MLA in the early days were the BMLA, the forerunner of today's Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA), and the Exchange, whereby libraries would post lists of duplicate journal issues they were willing to give away, so other libraries could replace missing items in their collections.
Janet Doe observed that this new energy was reflected in MLA's publications, especially the BMLA.
Funk's amazing feat of downloading articles published in the BMLA and JMLA between 1961 and 2010 resulted in an electronic corpus of 84,648 unique words that allowed him to track the frequency of word usage over time.
These results provide additional data showing the rise of research and evidence-based practice in the words used by authors in the BMLA and JMLA.
These surveys had many purposes: some were part of surveys of the entire medical library community (the MLA Committee on Surveys and Statistics surveys); the first one was done for a BMLA symposium on the status of types of medical libraries.
The BMLA and the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA) sounded like the ideal bases for a digitized corpus that would accurately represent our profession.
The results from the latest BMLA study demonstrate an increase in Latin American SMEs that foresee growth in their businesses over the next 12 months compared to 2011, said Romaine Seguin, president of UPS Americas Region.
The ongoing series of selected lists of books and journals for the small medical library, and the offspring lists covering nursing and allied health titles, were published on a regular basis in the BMLA (and its successor) for nearly forty years.
When she retired from the BMLA editorship in 1957, MLA presented her with a special award for exemplary service to the association.
The decade included the establishment of MLA's first international committee, establishment of a column devoted to international news and reports in the BMLA, and a commitment by MLA to support the First International Congress on Medical Librarianship in London, July 20-25, 1953.
The story of the search for the origin of the publication and the translation is told in the article, "Pediatrics in an Eighteenth Century Remedy Book," published in the BMLA [15].