BMLABulletin of the Medical Library Association
BMLABritish Maritime Law Association (est. 1908; London, England, UK)
BMLABritish Medical Laser Association (UK)
BMLABrampton Minor Lacrosse Association (Canada)
BMLABone Marrow Lymphocyte Antigen
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However, you may not be aware that for over five decades the JMLA, formerly the BMLA, has included presidential profiles to introduce you to new presidents.
BMLA, with a net expense ratio of 0.70%, is a dividend-paying stock ETF that focuses on emerging Latin American companies; LNGR, with a net expense ratio of 0.68%, is a longevity-focused ETF, while BFIT, with a net expense ratio of 0.68%, is a health and wellness ETF.
Prof Harry Moseley, head of the BMLA, says the popularity of laser removal is partly down to an increase in the number of people getting inked in the first place.
I am not going to regale you with the biography of each president; there is an excellent series of three articles in the 1998 BMLA that gives an overview of each person's career [1, 4, 5].
Funk, AHIP, FMLA, provided an illuminating look into our own changing world of practice through his textual analysis of articles published in the BMLA and JMLA from 1961 to 2010 [18].
Two of these papers, and many other MSLS presentations over the years, were later published in the BMLA. From the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s, most of the MSLS programs were luncheon meetings with usually one featured speaker.
The BMLA and the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA) sounded like the ideal bases for a digitized corpus that would accurately represent our profession.
From the moment I accepted Susan Starr's offer to curate a special supplement to celebrate 100 years of the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association (BMLA)/Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA), I knew I was going to include the Doe lecture by Nina W.
In 1999, I wanted to become the editor of the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association (BMLA) because I love the way that words work.
electronic format, eventually leading to the BMLA, now the Journal of