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BMMBaptist Mid Missions
BMmBachelor of Multimedia
BMMBeneluxvereniging voor Merken en Modellenrecht (Dutch: Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law)
BMMBanque Martin Maurel (French: Martin Maurel Bank; est. 1978; France)
BMMBlow Molding Machine (plastic processing)
BMMBachelor of Mass Media
BMMBibliothèques-Médiathèques de Metz (French library)
BMMBorrowed Military Manpower
BMMBrigade Mixte Mobile (Mixed Mobile Brigade, Cameroon)
BMMBiomédical Matériel Multi-Spécialité (French: Multi-Specialty Biomedical Equipment)
BMMBretonia Mining and Manufacturing (Freelancer; video game)
BMMBroadcast-Based Multimedia
BMMBadminton Marly Metz (French badminton club)
BMMBit Map Memory
BMMBone and Meat Meal (animal nutrition)
BMMBlock Markov Model
BMMBus Monitor Module
BMMBienvenue Maisons-Mesnil (French social group)
BMMBanque Monnaie et Marchés (French: Currency and Stock Markets; professional conference)
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Students discuss innovation challenges at BMM Seminar, Urban Centre Milano and, right, James Plant, Jay Gohil, Don Dhaliwal, Beverley <BNielsen, Monique Lee, Urban Centre Milan
In his telephonic address to a grand public gathering organized here on Wednesday at Science College to mark the 44th Foundation Day of BMM, Nawabzada Siraj observed that enemies of Baloch nation have always targeted true Baloch leadership which is evident from the fact that first Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani was martyred, then Nawabzada Mir Ismail Khan Raisani was assassinated and then the youngest leader Mir Haqmal Raisani was martyred.
Two years ago, we began switching to the new Hawker absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries and instituted our BMM program with the help of PulseTech.
In the multivariate analysis, the presence of BMM was an independent prognostic factor for poor outcome, and this was associated with shorter overall survival and breast cancer-specific survival (Table 2).
Thanedar remains the current president of BMM of North America, Inc.
Middlesbrough company BMM Heaters is celebrating the successful completion of a project worth pounds 52,000 for Manchester United Football Club.
BMM Industries, 10525 Enterprise Dr, Davisburg, MI, 48350 tel: 248/620-5558
The 45-year-old climbed into his Ford Sierra and rammed the BMM, before chasing him down the street on foot with a pick-axe handle.
9 2002 BMM Sydney Winter Series -- Jill McLay Trophy Opening Ladies Day; Windward Trophy Great Veterans Race, CYCA
London-based BMM Films are making a programme for Channel 5 about Willie and they're hoping someone, somewhere in Liverpool remembers him.
Geoff Lowe of BMM said: "We can bring huge names here to film.
In Q4, total production of Zinc-Lead metal-in-concentrate and Zinc metal was 106,000 tonnes, which included 71,000 tonnes of Zinc and Lead metal-in-concentrate (MIC) at Lisheen and BMM and 36,000 tonnes of refined Zinc at Skorpion, in line with earlier years.