BMMPBusiness Management Modernization Program (US DoD)
BMMPBiomimetic Materials Processing
BMMPBenign Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid
BMMPBarclay Management Media Productions (Canada)
BMMPBluebonnet Military Motor Pool (of Texas)
BMMPBiosolids Management Master Plan
BMMPBurleigh Manor Music Parents
BMMPBenign Multicystic Mesothelioma of Peritoneum
BMMPBid Maximum Mix Price
BMMPBiodiversity Monitoring Master Plan
BMMPBendamustin / Mitoxantron / Methotrexat / Prednisolon
BMMPBairagi Maha Mandal Punjab
BMMPBasic Major Medical Plan
BMMPBernoulli Modulated Markov Process
BMMPBoston Money Management Program
BMMPBond voor Minder Marine-Personeel
BMMPBiological Models and Materials Program
BMMPBusiness Music Media Player
BMMPBulkley Monitoring Model Project
BMMPBroadcast Music Management Project
BMMPBeran, Molyneux, Milton and Phan-Thien (bounds)
BMMPBody Movement Mind Paradigma
BMMPBulk Micromachining of Plastics
BMMPBreast Milk Monitoring Program
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In the new BMMP architecture, the acquisition domain traditional procurement or "contract writing" processes envisioned and modeled by the end-to-end group have expanded to include charge cards, acquisition planning, and program oversight.
BMMP data complement monitoring data from air, water, soil, or food.
The Financial Management Transformation Team has also expanded its area of the BMMP Web site to include a section devoted to SFIS, complete with briefings, documents, frequently asked questions, links to authoritative resources, event information, and more.
1, 2006, an increasing number of military equipment asset values will be derived from the valuation methodology contained in the mid-term systems solution and, eventually, the valuation methodology contained in the BMMP solution.
The BMMP is attempting to correct these data deficiencies, but a new BEA or suite of new systems is not a panacea.
The Department has stated that gaining an unqualified audit opinion is the top priority within the BMMP.
BMMP is a massive undertaking and will take several more years to complete.
The BMMP is identifying a system of business process improvements that will be incorporated into an overarching enterprise architecture framework.
The 2004 Professional Development Institute (PDI) of the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC), the BMMP presentations embodied the spirit and intent of the conference theme: "Transforming Today for Tomorrow's Success.
The BMMP module was developed in collaboration with the OSD Comptroller/Business Management Modernization Program Office.