BMMRBryn Mawr Medieval Review
BMMRBalkan Military Medical Review (Balkan Military Medical Committee)
BMMRBirth Matrix-Mating Rule (Department of Economics; University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
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BMMR recommends that applicants wait until they receive a registry card before engaging in the medical use of marihuana.
While an application is being processed, a BMMR representative will be assigned to each applicant and will stay in communication throughout the process.
With the completion of this build-out, Switch and Data has also made available additional singlemode and multimode fiber interconnections from its suites on the 5th and 6th floor at 56 Marietta to the BMMR.
The Municipality Fee is a local-level fee up to $5,000 which is not determined nor collected by BMMR; it is in addition to the state-level fees collected by BMMR.
On March 1, 1996, Benguet and BMMR entered into a supplemental agreement wherein BMMR was granted an extension of its option period to May 30, 1996, upon payment of the additional amount of P28 million on Feb.
BMMR also announced the following clarification: Proposed medical marihuana facilities that continue to operate with local approval are not guaranteed a state operating license.