BMMSBuilding Management and Maintenance Services
BMMSBetter Medication Management System
BMMSBlack Mountain Middle School
BMMSBritish Muslims Monthly Survey (Birmingham, UK publication)
BMMSBurleigh Manor Middle School (Maryland)
BMMSBlue Mountain Middle School (Cortlandt Manor, New York)
BMMSBachelor of Multimedia Studies
BMMSBob Miller Middle School (Henderson, NV)
BMMSBig Mad Morning Show (radio show)
BMMSBeverly Manor Middle School (Staunton, VA)
BMMSBennett's Mill Middle School (Fayetteville, GA)
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The 2010 BMMS shows a further drop in the proportion of maternal deaths related to abortion, to just 1% in 2008-2010.
The 2001 BMMS notes anecdotal evidence supporting the "dramatic decline" in deaths from incomplete and septic abortion as "presumably due to the expanded provision of safer and more accessible MR services.
We also used data from the 2010 Household Income and Expenditure Survey, which provides information on household and per capita income, and from the 2001 and 2010 BMMS, which provide information on maternal mortality and its causes in Bangladesh.
As BMMS biologist Diane Claridge explains, "Whales have air spaces in and around their ears like we do that require pressure equalization.
National Marine Fisheries Service and the Navy, BMMS asserted: "Mitigation of naval activities during peacetime appears to be the only reasonable solution to this problem.