BMNCBone Marrow Mononuclear Cells
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Blab/C mice in the model group that received [sup.60]Co exhibited changes in bone marrow nucleated cell count (BMNC), CFU-GM, CFU-E, BFU-E as compared to animals in the control group (Fig.
Similarly, DBT administered at middle dose group and high dose group could significantly increased the CFU-GM and BMNC of aplastic anemia mice bone marrow cell colonies, respectively (p < 0.05); furthermore, DBT administered at high dose group could very significantly increased the CFU-GM, CFU-E and BFU-E of aplastic anemia mice bone marrow cell colonies, respectively (p < 0.01) as compared to the model group.
"Although it was conducted on a small number of patients carrying a different injury level and type, preliminary results demonstrate the possibility of attaining neurological, motor and sensation and quality -of-life improvement in children with a chronic complete spinal cord injury through multiple bone marrow derived cell (BMNC) implantations.
Em sujeitos saudaveis, alteracoes no sistema imune por exercicio induzido incluem mudancas em celulas mononucleares sanguineas (BMNC), respostas proliferativas, tanto nas funcoes das celulas NK como das LAK (Pedersen e Hoffman-Goetz, 2000).