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Museum abbreviations: BMNH British Museum (Natural History); ISUC Illinois State University Collections; UIMNH University of Illinois Natural History Museum.
De acuerdo con Arigony (1970) existen 18 sintipos: 13 [masculinidad] y 5 [feminidad], y de esos, 11 machos y 5 hembras estarian depositados en el ISNB, un macho en el SMTD y un macho en el BMNH.
Cyprinella callistia (= Photogenis callistius) USNM 31148 (2 paralectotypes); MCZ 24363 (lectotype); ANSP 19658 (1 paralectotype), ANSP 19837-19838 (2 paralectotypes); BMNH 1880.
100,045 (ex Saul collection, selected by Clench and Turner, 1964; figured by Bishop and May, 1976 ); Paralectotype, BMNH 1837.
Paratipos preservados: 1 hembra en el mismo museo; 2 hembras en el USNM, 1 hembra en el BMNH, 1 hembra en la UANL.
Holotype Paratypes BPBM BPBM NSMT BMNH 34220 40450 P 73206 6.
UWBM Tres Pozos, BC Abbreviations: AMNH = American Museum of Natural History; BMNH = British Museum of Natural History: CAS = California Academy of Sciences; USNM = National Musem of Natural History; MVZ = Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley; MCZ = Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard; FMNH = Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; UWBM = Burke Museum, Univ.
Kelly-Borges, personal communication; voucher deposited at the British Museum of Natural History, London, BMNH 1997.
Fortunately the BMNH has paratypes of hyalipennis, but the Paris collection probably contains a wealth of other material from the afrotropics.
Abbreviations: PUPC, Punjab University Palaeontological Collection; AMNH, American Museum of Natural History; BMNH, British Museum of Natural History; WM, Wembere - Manonga; M, molar; W, Maximum preserved crown width; L, Maximum preserved anteroposterior crown.