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Museum abbreviations: BMNH British Museum (Natural History); ISUC Illinois State University Collections; UIMNH University of Illinois Natural History Museum.
Cyprinella callistia (= Photogenis callistius) USNM 31148 (2 paralectotypes); MCZ 24363 (lectotype); ANSP 19658 (1 paralectotype), ANSP 19837-19838 (2 paralectotypes); BMNH 1880.
Caranx fischeri: 88, CAS 38375 (159) Nigeria; 89, USNM 27566 (163) Sierra Leone; 90, CAS-SU 15885 (171) Cameroon; 91, ANSP 158493 (173) Gulf of Guinea, Bioko; 92, ANSP 158493 (182) Bioko; 93, ANSP 158493 (197) Bioko; 94, USNM 279566 (203) Sierra Leon; 95, ANSP 158497 (237) Sierra Leone; 96, ANSP 158498 (239) Sierra Leone; 97, BMNH 1939.
1979, Londt & Stuckenberg, Rocky hill & Grassland (NMSA, BMNH 1[male] 1[female]).
Photographs of the specimens from the BMNH and the BPBM were suitable for determining crest score, however they were not usable for meristic data.
Paratypes: SOUTH AFRICA: 1[female] same data as holotype (NMSA, BMNH 1[female]); 1[male] 3[female] 'Sth Africa: Transvaal/5 km N of Strijdom/Tunnels 26.
Curiously, a 4th specimen of the species, found in the Natural History Museum (BMNH) bears a label that states that it was also collected by Forrer from the same locality, but entered the BMNH via the Oberthur collection (see Material Examined above).
The type specimen is deposited in the Natural History Museum, London, designated as BMNH.
Institutions: BMNH, Natural History Museum, London, England; NHMV, Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria; RMNH, National Museum of Natural History Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands; WAM, Western Australian Museum, Perth; ZMB, Museum fur Naturkunde, Zentralinstitut der Humboldt-Universitat, Berlin, Germany; ZMUC, Zoological Museum, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark.