BMNPBale Mountains National Park (Ethiopia)
BMNPBach Ma National Park (Vietnam)
BMNPBlue Mountains National Park (Australia)
BMNPBlack Mountain National Park (Australia)
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The reported losses from focal packs, combined with unknown deaths from lower density areas, suggest that this was the single most catastrophic disease event for Ethiopian wolves reported to date; the spread of CDV to all areas of BMNP caused losses that outnumber reports from all previous rabies epizootics (18-20).
The size and structure of the BMNP wolf population lends robustness to wolf numbers and provides greater resilience against disease catastrophes (23).
The high prevalence of CDV in the surrounding domestic dog population and the apparent frequent incursion of CDV into the BMNP wolves makes finding new disease control strategies all the more urgent, particularly for smaller wolf populations, among which extinction probabilities are even higher with any reduction in interepizootic periods (23).