BMOABakersfield Museum of Art (California)
BMOABritish Motorcycle Owners Association (Houston, TX)
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A BMOA is an intensive process where you not only work with the client, but also with their staff, suppliers and customers," says Snell.
Since his passing earlier this year, a great warrior Andrew Young, who is also a member of 100 BMOA, agreed to step in and take the leadership role in ensuring that Rev Sullivan's vision and dream continue.
NA: What made you and the BMOA Board to expand the mission beyond the United States?
Now that we have started the 100 BMOA mentoring programme there, our members are in heavy demand at the schools.
From L to R: BMOA member Melvin Buckley; grand prize winner, first grade teacher Tiffini Cooley; BMOA member Lance Jones and WGCI-FM radio personality Tony Sculfield at Joseph Brennemann Elementary School (Photo: Business Wire)
On Thursday, as the teachers conducted their regular afternoon classes, WGCI radio personality Tony Sculfield, along with BMOA members Lance Jones and Melvin Buckley, school principal Sarah D.
BMOA members are committed to assisting the next generation of McDonald's owner operators, encouraging the importance of reading, writing and life skills, and giving back to the community.
Funds raised will be allocated to 100 BMOA chapter projects related to initiatives in four strategic service areas: support for local chapter facilities and operations; national headquarter projects related to improving the national office facility; establishing the National Mentoring and Leadership Institute in Georgia, dedicated to training chapter members and the students with whom they work; and scholarship endowment for students in need of financial support.