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BMP3Bone Morphogenetic Protein 3
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1) to detect methylated markers VIM, NDRG4, BMP3, and TFPI2 using ACTB as a reference gene for each.
BMP1 - 8p21; BMP2 - 20p12; BMP3 - 14p22; BMP4 - 14q22-q23; BMP5 - 6p12,1; BMP6 - 6p12,1; BMP7 - 20q13; BMP8a - 1p35p32; BMP8b - 1p35-p32; BMP10 - 2p14; BMP15 - Xp11,2.
Vamos a comprar varios batallones de tanques rusos (tipo BMP3, MPR y 1-72) muy modernos, rapidos; que se esconden de noche, casi invisibles, con vision nocturna, telemetro laserico, casi que vuelan".
Two amphibious variants of the BMP3 have been developed: the BMMP carries the 30-mm-armed turret of the older BMP-2 while the BMP-3F mounts the standard BMP-3 turret.
The multitarget stool DNA test in eludes molecular assays for aberrantly methylated BMP3 and NDRG4 promoter regions, KRAS mutations, and beta-actin (a reference gene for human DNA quantity), as well as an immunochemical assay for human hemoglobin.