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BMP3Bone Morphogenetic Protein 3
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1) to detect methylated markers VIM, NDRG4, BMP3, and TFPI2 using ACTB as a reference gene for each.
He could no longer hold back when the sexy BMP3 armoured personnel carriers appeared.
Two amphibious variants of the BMP3 have been developed: the BMMP carries the 30-mm-armed turret of the older BMP-2 while the BMP-3F mounts the standard BMP-3 turret.
(39) The test is designed to analyze stool samples to identify 7 DNA mutations in the KRAS gene and 2 aberrantly hypermethylated genes (BMP3 and NDRG4) that are associated with CRC.
The multitarget stool DNA test in eludes molecular assays for aberrantly methylated BMP3 and NDRG4 promoter regions, KRAS mutations, and beta-actin (a reference gene for human DNA quantity), as well as an immunochemical assay for human hemoglobin.