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BMP7Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7
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BLASTp was used to identify local regions of similarity and statistical significance of GDF11, GDF8, inhibin and BMP7 protein sequences from ten selected organisms including O.
HC MARC0064460 ENSSSCG00000007681 DRGA0007893 ENSSSCG00000002175 MARC0037499 C20orf85 PCK1, BMP7 SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; AC, abdominal circumference; BH, body height; BL, body length; BW, body weight; CBC, cannon bone circumference; CC, chest circumference; CD, chest depth; CW, chest width; HC, hip circumference.
Further HTS experiments are needed to expand coverage for the TDS-related candidate genes, such as SHH, FGF10, BMP7, HOXA4, DGKK, and TGFBR3 (Carmichael et al.
BMP7 triggers production of mesenchymal adipose cells to brown adipose cells.
In a study discussed earlier (17) Jones et al used collagen micropatterns embedded with BMP7 and HGF growth factors to mimic hepatic mi-croenvironments for hepatic differentiation.
BMP7 rearranges priorities between Inesenchymal stem cells, osteoblasts and osteoclasts, encouraging bone growth.
BMP1 - 8p21; BMP2 - 20p12; BMP3 - 14p22; BMP4 - 14q22-q23; BMP5 - 6p12,1; BMP6 - 6p12,1; BMP7 - 20q13; BMP8a - 1p35p32; BMP8b - 1p35-p32; BMP10 - 2p14; BMP15 - Xp11,2.
Currently, two BMPs, BMP2 and BMP7, are prepared for clinical use combined with collagen carriers.
This factor is believed to be a protein called BMP6 or BMP7, members of a newly discovered family of axon guidance molecules.