BMPABritish Meat Processors Association (UK)
BMPABasic Membrane Protein A (genetics)
BMPABombay Master Printers' Association
BMPABoston Motion Picture Awards
BMPABone Marrow Proliferation Activity
BMPABone Marrow Proliferation Assay (molecular biology)
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Eventually, state regulatory agencies did grant the permits to racetrack builders, and the ATC and BMPA were forced to pursue other avenues of action.
Ultimately, time passing precipitated the success for the BMPA and the ATC.
Outgoing BMPA president Anthony Saxby said: "The work of the RMIF to improve the competitiveness of the red meat industry fits in well with the BMPA's ideal of continuous innovation and development.
Board members who have been reappointed at EBLEX are: Chris Wood of the BMPA, Peter Kingwill of the LAA, Frank Momber of the NBA, Kevin Pearce of the NFU, Peter Mitchell of the BMPA and Norman Bagley of AIMS.
The project has widespread support from the farming industry, particularly NSA, NFU, BMPA and LAA with which Defra has worked in setting up the trials.