BMPCCBlue Mountain Pottery Collectors Club (Ontario, Canada; pottery group)
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I had the opportunity to use the BMPCC on a music video recently.
The BMPCC without extra support or super wide lenses is very shaky compared to other HDSLRs or, at least, it appears worse because the camera and the MFT lenses are lighter and smaller.
The crop factor on the BMPCC is 3X for 35mm lenses, 1.
One other point worth mentioning is that as the sensor size on this camera is small and it has an industry standard active MFT mount, the BMPCC can be used with a variety of lenses.
2 lenses so this way you can use all those manual Nikon lenses with BMPCC as well.
Switching it off has been the biggest issue I have had with the BMPCC.
The amount of detail and information the BMPCC captures is so much more than the H.