BMPEBlack Market Peso Exchange
BMPEBroad Macroeconomic Projection Exercise (Eurosystem)
BMPEBio-Medical Precision Engineering (laboratory; University of Tokyo; Tokyo, Japan)
BMPEBuilding Manufacturing Partnerships Europe
BMPEBuku Maklumat Perniagaan ECM (Equity Capital Market; Malay: Handbook of Business ECM)
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The graph between the dissimilar ratios of rice straw and buffalo dung BMPE along with the standard error and AB is presented in Fig.
The chart between the dissimilar quantities of NaHCO3 BMPE along with the standard error and its AB is presented in Fig.
Figure 8 compares the traction-separation properties of BMPE at 0.
Figure 15 shows the traction-separation properties of BMPE measured at 50 mm/min.
The operator of the secondary account (generally a supervisory member of the group) often writes checks to an account established in the name of an apparent business, and the checks drawn on the business account are either used to purchase goods or are sold to money brokers operating in the BMPE.
In PE80, the fibrils showed a greater resistance to fracture than that of BMPE or HDPE.
The final set of recommendations on the BMPE was signed on March 14, 2002.
The BMPE in Hong Kong is perpetuated by local Hong Kong business entities that either knowingly or unknowingly enter into business agreements with individuals directly associated with the BMPE process.
Ademas BMPes requerido para la migracion de las CCN hacia el primordio facial, el cual se desarrolla bajo la influencia de otros genes como Fgf4 y Shh.