BMPKBatas Maksimum Pemberian Kredit (Indonesian: Maximum Limit of Credit)
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BRI has complied fully with all regulations of the central bank, Bank Indonesia, such as in legal lending limit (BMPK), PDN, Capital adequacy ratio (CAR), etc.
- Eight banks did not follow PKPS as there was no violation of legal lending limit (BMPK) (Category A).
The commission then asked the attorney general, the supreme court and the law minister to formulate a legal policy on the BLBI including violation of legal lending limit (BMPK).
The first is a BTO bank which has repaid its entire debt namely BCA, the second are those not violating the lending limit regulation (BMPK) but were in problem because of a run on bank namely Bank Tiara and PDFCI; the third is a BTO bank not yet repaying its entire BLBI debt namely Bank Danamon; fourth are BTO banks which have repaid their entire BLBI debts namely Bank Surya and BDNI, the fifth is a BBO not violating BMPK but in problem only because of a run on bank namely Bank Subentra and the sixth are BBO banks not yet repaying their BLBI debt namely Bank Modern, Hokindo, Deka, Centris, BUN, Istismarat and Pelita.
Therefore, the reason for their being listed in the category of frozen bank (BBO) and takeover bank (BTO) is not only the liquidity problem caused by the run on banks but also because of the failure to meet the CAR requirement and the violation of the credit maximum limit (BMPK) to their sister companies.