BMPLBurning Monkey Puzzle Lab (computer games)
BMPLBatesville Memorial Public Library (Batesville, IN)
BMPLBeaman Memorial Public Library (West Boylston, MA)
BMPLBoone-Madison Public Library (Madison, WV)
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SFIO's forensic audit of the Saradha Group's bank statements revealed that BMPL was one of the seven companies acquired by it ; Sudipta Sen was blackmailed into buying Xenitis Group subsidiary BMPL ; All the companies were running in loss ; No financial benefit was derived by Saradha by acquiring or making large investment in these companies
Kunal Ghosh ( suspended TMC MP) and Srinjoy Bose ( TMC Rajya Sabha member) had aggressively made the deal for transfer of Bengal Media Pvt Ltd ( BMPL), which owned Channel 10 SUDIPTA SEN'S DEPOSITION TO SFIO ' ' As Pratidin did not own any electronic media channel, they desperately wanted to acquire one and compelled me to acquire BMPL ' ' They had initially started campaigning against me in their Pratidin newspaper by claiming that I was Bhudeb Chandra Sen's son who had earlier siphoned off large public funds ' ' I pleaded with them to stop maligning me as I am son of late Nripendra Narayan Sen.
The probe also revealed that the MoU executed between BMPL and Pratidin Prakashan was to collaborate for the purpose of running Channel 10.
Pratidin agreed to pay salaries and other remuneration to the editorial staff, and all other costs, charges and expenses for the operations and telecast were to be borne by BMPL.
BMPL was a negative net worth company when it was bought by Saradha to be run in association with Pratidin.
THE AGREEMENT Under the deal between Saradha and Pratidin vis- a- vis BMPL, Pratidin was to be paid ` 60 lakh per month for content and other assistance.