BMPMBataillon de Marins-Pompiers de Marseille (French: Marseille Marine Fire Battalion; Marseille, France)
BMPMBenign Multicystic Peritoneal Mesothelioma
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As the initial data of operation modes of the BMPM Model we set voltage, rotation speed and load torque.
As a result of the electromagnetic calculation BMPM data were obtained on the losses in the stator, rotor, SW coils and PM.
5 one can see that the ratio of losses in the SW coils and PM is different for the investigated modes of the BMPM operation.
The third stage is proper calculation of the thermal state of the BMPM where we calculate transient motor heating process at the investigated operation modes.
6, 7 show the results of thermal calculation as the temperature distribution and heat flux vector for the hour operation mode of the BMPM.
8 compares the experimental and computational graphics of BMPM coil heating at the hour and long-term operation modes.
As a result of the experiment, it was found that in 47th minutes of operation at the hour mode of the BMPM the overheating protection tripped.
9, 10 shows graphs of heating of the BMPM components in the hour and long-term operation.
Therefore, in order to avoid losing the properties of the PM and worsening performance for the investigated BMPM it is recommended to use PM with operating temperature of 120[degrees]C and higher.
The results of the modeling of the thermal state of the BMPM at hour and long-term operation modes shown good agreement with experimental results.
Therefore, special attention in the design and testing of the BMPM should be paid to the temperature of the PM at various operation modes.
Salient-pole BMPM with concentrated stator winding: 1--stator; 2--rotor; 3--shaft; 4--PM; 5--stator pole; 6--stator Winding coils; 7--stator slot