BMPRBone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor
BMPRBranch Metric Power Readjustment
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It was suggested that BMP15 could prevent the follicular regression and enhance follicular development by down-regulation of BMPR gene.
FISH (floresan in situ hibridizasyon) ve immunhistokimyasal yontemlerle yapilan calismalarda, BMPR II mRNA ve proteininin agirlikh olarak pulmoner vaskuler endotel, makrofajlar ve daha az oranda da mediyada duz kas hucrelerinde bulundugu gosterilmistir.
Within this framework, the goal of the BMPR activities is to maintain and improve mutual cooperation with the The Border Guard Agency, improving access to the territory of Poland and to the RSD procedure, and safeguarding the respect for the non-refoulement principle.