BMQBasic Military Qualification (Canadian military)
BMQBritish Museum Quarterly
BMQBlowin' Money Quicker (Butta Da Prince song)
BMQBranford Marsalis Quartet (jazz group)
BMQBeliefs about Medicines Questionnaire
BMQBamburi Airport (airport code; Kenya)
BMQBlue Mound Quarter (horse breeding farm; Nevis, MN)
BMQBrides Bridesmaids 'n' Quinceaneras (Harrisburg, PA)
BMQBlue Mountain Quarters (horse breeding farm; Nevis, MN)
BMQBangalore Materials Quiz (competition; Indian Institute of Science Department of Materials Engineering; Bangalore, India)
BMQBéton Mobile Québec (French: Mobile Concrete Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
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047 C MMAS BMQ TSN TSC MMAS BMQ TSN TSC Adherence Beliefs Necessity Concern N .
Caregiver views of necessity and concerns related to the medication were measured using the previously validated BMQ (Conn et al.
When my son, we will call him Mathew, was in his BMQ (Basic Military Qualifications) training he met another young soldier who has since become a part of our family.
So now a young private with two months in the Canadian Forces, who quits his boot camp and wants to release from the CF on week two of his BMQ, now requires several months of staffing and his personnel file being forwarded through several headquarters, recommended by several senior officers, and signed off by an area commander, normally the rank of a brigadier-general.
Esprit de Corps caught up with several recruits just after they had finished BMQ and were preparing for the next phase--moving to Carleton University for three gruelling weeks of non-stop drill instruction which they need to get ready for their public duties.
It takes all of the three weeks to get used to BMQ," says Francis.