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The poll by TNS BMRB showed that 37% of voters are most likely to vote No, compared to 25% prepared to vote Yes.
In this paper, a benchmark data set of chemical shift was constructed, which consists of 1,552 proteins derived from BMRB website [33] and then extracted chemical shift values of [sup.15]N, [sup.13][C.sub.[alpha]], [sup.1][H.sub.[alpha]], and [sup.1][H.sub.N] for 20 amino acid residues.
By searching the peak in Chenomx and in bmrb, we determined that the peak should originate from lactose.
Nick Howat, head of TNS BMRB's social and political attitudes centre, said people thought "that Government ministers cannot be trusted to tell the truth".
The finding reflects a cautious attitude among consumers, many of whom told pollsters TNS BMRB that they are experiencing economic hardship now and do not expect matters to improve over the next year.
He has joined forces with former BMRB DJ Tim Shaw to host Car SOS for the National Geographic Channel.
However, research results that show 90% of the UK population to be confused or concerned about whether or not they would purchase food containing manmade nanoparticles poses the question of how we can ensure that products containing them will be accepted by consumers (National telephone survey, done by BMRB on behalf of business communications consultancy College Hill, October 2010).
Offending Surveys and Research, National Centre for Social Research and BMRB. Offending, Crime and Justice Survey, 2003 [computer file].
(11) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University College London, BMRB International.
Investigations by market research analysts BMRB showed that 82 per cent of the UK population are interested in news about other parts of the UK, and 62 per cent believe it is important to understand the different politics and policies within each nation.